Archivio papa

The Diocesan Historical Archive is made up of the deeds and documents related to the government of the diocese of Bergamo.  The archives contain the historical archives of different private and public institutions (such as the Cathedral Chapter), sent to them either because of their scope or because intentionally willed by the document’s author.

This documentary collection, dating back to the 8th century, is the “historical memory of the Church of Bergamo.” As a cultural institution, it counts among its goals that of preserving documentary patrimony and research tools, hoping thus to improve access to this ecclesiastical treasure trove. The archives offer support to other historical archives spread throughout the diocese.

It was formally established by His Lordship Bishop Roberto Amadei, by decree of 12th June 2008, who simultaneously promulgated its statutes and regulations.

Folders-Downloads-icon  Decree establishing the Historical Archives of the Diocese of Bergamo

Folders-Downloads-icon  Statute of the Historical Archives of the Diocese of Bergamo

Folders-Downloads-icon  Regulation of the Historical Archives of the Diocese of Bergamo

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