Progetti di inventariazione



The Diocesan Historical Archive of Bergamo has among its objectives, to be an institution that promotes cultural activities designed to raise awareness and promote documentary heritage in its possession. To achieve this result adheres to research projects promoted by universities or other institutes.

An important collaboration has been the research project CIVITA, in which the diocesan Archival has been committed, in collaboration with the Regione Lombardia and the University of Pavia in 2004/2005. The project covered the use and enhancement of scientific documentation in the archive for the drafting of short historical-institutional boards about all parishes in the Diocese of Bergamo.

The material produced in the course of this work is available through the site to the Lombardia Storica: and is a really nice track, with the database on civil institutions, for local history researchers who wish to reconstruct the history of a community in the Bergamo area.

In 2006 the Diocese of Bergamo, with the support of the Italian Episcopal Conference, has started the project CEIar at the Diocesan Historical Archive, to computerize its heritage.

Through the reorganization and inventory software CEIar, provided by the CEI (Office of the Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage), designed to be in line with the latest recommendations of the international debate on descriptive standards, has been listing the various archival series present in the Archive and to indicate the presence of inventories for their consultation. For the series of pastoral visits (159 pz.) was made an computer’s index, updating the paper version of the late nineteenth century, allows easy access to the digital reproduction of the latter. An integral and qualifying part of the project is the database has been created, with over 100.000 images, which can be accessed through a software consultation, which allows in addition to viewing the immediate reproduction in print or on CD-ROM.

Further development of the project, provide for the gradual implementation of the information system of the Archives, through the inclusion of parchment’s  summaries (approx. 6000 pz.) with its digital images.

The diocesan ecclesiastical documentary heritage is thus available for a wider consultation, available to scholars who consult the sources of history of the Church and of the city of Bergamo.

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