Assistenza agli studiosi


asstudiosiThe reading room is open to the public from Monday to Friday (9.00 to 12.00 a.m.) and on certain rare occasions in the afternoon, subject to the Director’s approval. There are 12 locations with lighting and power outlets for personal computers. Before accessing the reading room, it is necessary to fill out a form with personal details, research goals and possible publication outlets. Users are reminded of the regulations regarding the reproduction of documentary material and  the obligation of bringing an archive copy of processed products to the library, even if typed as a thesis.

Upon entering the study room, the reader is invited to sign the attendance register, indicating name, surname, address and documents requested. The latter are accessed through the search tools, paper or electronic, present in the room. Documents are requested orally by asking the room attendant or pointing to the archival collocation.

Up to five archival documents can be requested a day. Normally the documents can be viewed only one at a time, except for some cases in which the consultation of two documents is allowed at the same time. If the student requires help finding a document, he can request the assistance of a room attendant. If office work permits, or in the case of off-site users, we sometimes advise telematics, but only in the case of specific requests or easily available documents.

As well as enabling research, the library also boasts approximately 2000 units (including magazines). The number is constantly increasing owing to the purchasing of books and to  donations. The library consists primarily of publications on the history of the diocese of Bergamo and archival research. The bibliographic patrimony, along with publications that are indispensable reference points for research in the local area, includes a series of monographs on the communities in the diocesan territory. The majority of these publications are in the study room and are freely accessible to users with the exception, however, of 700 units. Owing to a recent move they are awaiting registration whilst temporarily being kept in the archive depository. Among these, several commemorative brochures (mostly late 19th century-early 20th century) that can be considered useful as sources for the biography of priests or parish history. There are also manuscripts, pamphlets and books that have been placed in the episcopal archives, having a mostly documentary character (i.e. Pastoral Letters, statutes or constitutions of associations of local religious communities). Finally, the bibliography section, created for bequests or donations of deceased priests (including works relating to canon law, theology, homiletics, spirituality, sociology etc.), is located along with brief series of parish bulletins and magazines, in the Diocesan Seminary Library, where it has recently been paid.


The reproduction for the purpose of documentary study with one’s own equipment and without the use of flash is free. Nonetheless, the reproduction of entire series (folders and files) is not allowed without the express agreement of the direction or the room attendant. In such a case, a copy of the material reproduced must be delivered to the Diocesan Historical Archives using digital support.

Reproduction by technicians employed by users is allowed by appointment. In the case of the publication of photographs, the Archival Director’s prior consent is required and in the case of commercial publishing, the user is expected to pay fees in accordance with the appropriate diocesan tariff.

Printing in b/w or color, high-resolution scanned images is only allowed for “pastoral visits.” It is possible to request a copy of these in .jpg format on CD / DVD. This is an in-house archival service, following the same tariff, with discounts for parish requests.

Users can also request photocopies of consulted material, subject to certain limits and the prior consent of the reading room assistant. In general, the unbound copies of 18th to 20th century documents can be photocopied.

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