The Diocesan Historical Archives offers guided tours to the secondary school pupils, university students or cultural associations that request a visit. These meetings are an interesting opportunity to approach past history and its present day repercussions, whilst considering the problems of historical reconstruction and the protection of cultural heritage archives.

In particular, we collaborate actively with the “Sant’Alessandro” Episcopal College for Gregorian chant classes and with the Diocesan Seminary for the annual visit of the seminarians (4th year  theology), and also with the University of Bergamo and its archival, philology and medieval latin literature students.

In addition, at the opening of the Museum and Bergamo Cathedral Treasury, the Diocesan Historical Archive began a collaborative project with the Educational Departments of Foundation Adriano Bernareggi, to promote an educational bridge between art and history: CUSTODIRE LA STORIA” – rites, furniture and documents tell us of Cathedral life.

This educational bridge, which is divided into a first part of the visit to the Museum and Cathedral Treasury and a second part in the archive, allows students to view the manuscripts and medieval codes preserved there. In addition, it allows one to experience the activity or the “historical research” or the “amanuensis”, through the choice of a workshop on medieval writings, respectively read-transcription or calligraphy.

The proposal is intended as a multidisciplinary course in which one can learn the knowledge of different subjects, such as history, art, archeology, archival science, paleography and diplomatic affairs.

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