Our diocesan documentary patrimony takes up approximately 1 km of shelving and includes important discoveries regarding the bishop’s offices and other ecclesiastical institutions of the diocese contiguous to them: “Mensa Vescovile”, the Ecclesiastical Court, the Cathedral Chapter, as well as other discoveries such as the Noble Grumelli Pedrocca Archive that of Castle Gromo. The archives of some associations or individual priests or lay people such as Nicolò Rezzara, Monsignor Francesco Vistalli, Don Giuseppe Rota and Engineer Elia Fornoni, are also part of our diocesan archival patrimony. The archives of the Cathedral Parish of St. Alexander  (made only in 1805 and incorporating former city parishes such as San Lorenzo, San Pancrazio, San Cassiano, St. Michele all’Arco, Sant ‘Eufemia, San Salvatore) also form part of the archival ensemble, along with those of Sant’Agata al Carmine (finished in 1966). Attached to the latter, those of the “Consorzio della Fabbrica del Duomo” and the “Consorzio di San Lorenzo.”

Other series and even some individual documents, from other parishes, monasteries or diocesan bodies, committed to the bishop’s care also form part of the ensemble.  The scrolls of the parish of Santa Grata inter vites, the famous hymnology of the monastery of Santa Grata in Columnellis and that of the military hospital of Clementina are also to be found in the archives. To see all these elements in greater depth, please refer to the computerized database, accessible in the computer study room.

Please find below the structure of the findings and their internal organization for the series.


1. Archivio Curia Vescovile di Bergamo
2. Archivio Tribunale Ecclesiastico di Bergamo
3. Archivio Mensa Vescovile di Bergamo
4. Archivio Capitolare di Bergamo
5. Archivi Privati

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